Dragonborn Warlock


13 Strength +2
14 Constitution +2
10 Dexterity +0
16 Intelligence +3
12 Wisdom +1
11 Charisma +2

Athletics +2
Endurance +2
Acrobatics +0
Stealth +0
Thievery +0
Arcana +8 TRAINED
History +5
Religion +3
Dungeoneering +1
Heal +1
Insight +6 TRAINED
Nature +1
Perception +1
Bluff +6 TRAINED
Diplomacy +1
Intimidate +6
Streetwise +6 TRAINED

Initiative:0 Speed:6

Armor Class 13
Fortitude 12
Reflex 14
Will 12

Hit Points:26 Bloodied:13
Healing Surge Value:8
Surges Per Day:8

+ Attack Bonus UNARMED 1d4
+ Attack Bonus Vivec’s Spear 1d8

-Armor Training [LEATHER]
-Melee Weapon Training [SIMPLE]
-Ranged Weapon Training [SIMPLE]
-Enlarged Dragon Breath
-Dire Radiance
-Elditch Blast
-Dreadful Word
-Flames of Phlegethas



-Seeks all knowledge
-Seek immortality
-Wishes to become a cosmic entity and join the order of the universe
-Wears sunglasses all the time
-Carries a journal written in draconic
-Addicted to moon dust, a drug which helps people “become one with the stars”
-6’8" tall, a giant of the dragonborn
-Once tamed an elephant and a jackle.


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