Raina Loreweaver

elf wizard - alingment: good


10 Strength
13 Constitution +1
13 Dexterity +1
16 Intelligence +3
16 Wisdom +3
12 Charisma +1

Athletics +0
Endurance +1
Acrobatics +1
Stealth +1
Thievery +1
Arcana +8 TRAINED
History +3
Religion +3
Dungeoneering +3
Heal +3
Insight +8 TRAINED
Nature +8 TRAINED
Perception +3
Bluff +1
Diplomacy +6 TRAINED
Intimidate +1
Streetwise +1

Initiative:1 Speed:7

Armor Class 13
Fortitude 11
Reflex 13
Will 15

Hit Points:23 Bloodied:11
Healing Surge Value:6
Surges Per Day:9

+4 Attack Bonus SPELL

-Freezing Burst
-Ritual Caster
-Elven Accuracy
-Group Awareness
-Lowlight Vision
-Wild Step

+Clothes [Armor]


She loves eggs, eggs, eggs and more eggs.

Egg-Lover Extraordinare

A very uncool wizard elf girl who can’t pronounce the letter ‘R’ correctly.
Once tried to speak only in rhyme (she failed).

Idk man

Probably going on a adventure for knowledge or w/e.

Like’s speaking ye olde fashiony (but only if I can be bothered/remember to)

It’s all good …. innit.

Fedora Seeker

Raina Loreweaver

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