Our First DnD

Orlane Pt.1

"I use intimidate!"

Our adventures managed to escape Cutter Jack and travel north to Orlane, sleeping in an abanadoned house on the outskirts as they arrive.

When they awake, they all go their separate ways exploring the town.
Our dragonborn warlock ends up fighting drug dealers.
Our witch got BTFO of the local temple.
Our bodybuilder bothered the blacksmith.
And our wizard tried to disturb the family breakfast at the watermill.

When they regrouped they went to report the drug dealers to the local law and were waved away for spouting nonsense.
After trying to investigate the temple again the group visited the second inn in town and got an extravagant feast for a measly one piece of silver.

Being the paranoid bunch they are, everyone decided to camp outside this nice town instead of stay in an inn.
The wizard was the only thing to notice anything during the night though, being awoken in a damp, enclosed area. Failing to resist the allure of the enchanting green eyes that gazed at her, she fell back asleep and awoke for real back in her tent.

The party decided they needed to see the mayor and went about it a much more peaceful way this time! They gained an audience, got very confrontational and left. Luckily our witch decided to intimidate a kindly old tailor who pointed them in the direction of an old hermit living outside the town to the north-west.

Being the trusting bunch, our adventurers walked right up to the door of the large cabin they found and encountered a trio of troglodytes.
Easily wiping them out, the party discovered a bit of treasure on the roof, covered by some empty sacks. They also found some footprints leading far west, in the shape of the troglodytes feet.
Debating over whether to return to town or follow the prints, the group elected to follow the prints leading them to a marshy area while a trapdoor that led into the earth.


Partway down the stairs leading down a familiar dwarf Denny came skidding down. Being caught by our bodybuilder before he could accidentally knock anyone off their feet.
Venturing down a bit more, our adventurers were met with four human guards, whom they easily wiped the floor with ( The highlight being our bodybuilder throwing the dwarf, holding a large chair, into a guard – breaking his neck ), followed by two dire frogs, also easily squashed.

Another trapdoor was discovered, leading to a room with three chests. Suspiciously the party opened all three at the same time, revealing many riches!
Although a fight broke out between the warlock and warlord over how the wealth should be distributed which led to near-death of our warlord and the acceptance of distribution of wealth.


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