Our First DnD


Throwing Dwarves and Burning Villages

Our adventures Orion, Jacques, Zalia and Buck were startled by a deer after they made camp on the road. The brave dragonborn Orion fried the deer with his lightning breath and after a little bickering they group decided to hand over the charred deer to some young famished hunter brothers in return for information after a bounty in their village.

Upon entering the town, the party found an extremely strong dwarf sitting on an old bronze statue in the middle of the village. After buy some cheap beer and getting directions the group moved on in the direction of a goblin lair to try to collect a bounty issued by the village on the goblin’s left ears.

As they neared the goblin lair the group found a bird sitting in a tree and decided it had to die. After it easily flew away and four graves were desecrated by the bodybuilder and dwarf.
The sneaky dark elf took two ventures into the underground lair trying to try and discover something with his special tactics and found the bird hiding up on the ceiling.

Next our bodybuilder shot-putted the dwarf 20ft into the goblin lair after they watched them cut some ears off the young’uns.
After a swift battle with many dead goblins our noble adventurers looted the dead and their ears, threw all their food on the floor and set off two traps, almost downing our dark elf!

Returning to the village, the party found the guards less than forthcoming with their expected gold and intimidated the guards to get their due>

Not satisfied yet, the party split up. Two decided to get the guards drunk and set the guardhouse on fire. While the other two attempted to kill the lord of the village.

The guardhouse was burned down, along with the inn, which casks of mead and beer exploded bring down the whole building, and part of the general store.
Meanwhile in the manor, roughly 2,000 gold worth of items were smashed by our dark elf while a reward of 100 gold was given to our regular elf for the return of an old family heirloom.

Upset with his guilt, the dark elf revealed the whole plot including the fire and the broken items in the manor, blaming the dragonborn and Denny the dwarf for the deeds.

The party finally ends up escaping the village, with our bodybuilder blaming the dark elf for the fire in front of all the guards.


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