Our First DnD

Orlane Pt.2

The Sliming

Continuing on in the dungeon, the party clambered noisily over some rubble and into a dark slime pit, where they easily dispatched a couple of slimes that were relaxing on the walls.


The party then decided to wander into the suspicious long corridor without checking for anything out of the ordinary and were surprised to find eight sword and longbow wielding people hiding in the wall crevices!

Easily bringing death to these basic humans, with the last one to go down crying out to their “Master Naga…”.
The group proceeded to crawl through a small hole in the wall and arrive in a prison cell area.
Examining the cells, our brave adventurers discovered a young little girl lying dying in a locked jail cell.

Using their brawn, the iron bars were easily bent out of shape to allow people to squeeze in.
The wizard, Raina, was the first elected to enter the cell to render aid to the little girl and was magically teleported away and instantly replaced with an exact magical copy of herself, save for her memories.

This copy attempted to lure the other adventurers into the cell and easily succeeded in getting the witch, Zalia, and warlord, Jacques, into the cell and replacing them with copies leaving only the warlock, Orion, left.

Jacques’ copy attempted to coax Orion into the cell by feigning a seizure, a move which surprisingly didn’t convince anyone to go near him.
Understanding his scheme had failed, Jacques’ copy exited the cell and attempted to force Orion inside but was easily downed.
Using his arcane knowledge, the warlock realised that Jacques’ copy was magically active and attempted to break this connection to save his stubborn manlet friend.

Then Jacques disappeared.

A stalemate ensued for a time as the warlock was wary of any who had entered the cell and the copies were trying to force the warlock inside. The magic that created Jacques’ copy resumed and he came into a false existence again and together the copies overpowered the brave dragonborn and forced him into the cell which caused all of the copies to vanish.

The real adventures awoke some time later, locked in individual cells and stripped of any sharp weapons.
The wizard proceeded to melt the iron beams with his blazing hands spell, our warlock used his lightning breath to superheat the bars until they were malleable enough to be bashed aside and our warlord used brute strength to bend the bars out of his way again.
Unfortunately the memory of each person had been cut off when each copy took over and our dragonborn warlock was wary of his allies as he last saw them beating him down, he reacted aggressively much to the confusion of the group and demanded distance be kept between them as he used his magic to break down the locked door at the end of the prison cell corridor while the witch had to be helped out of her cell.

Jacques discovered their missing weapons in a locked cell in this guard room and Orion demanded his weapons returned to him. Jacques refused, demanding that Orion calm down and talk about what happened before they re-arm him. Another fight broke out between the two, while culminated with the witch almost killing the warlock with a “knockout spell”.

After stabilising him, the party deliberated whether or not to tie him up or to return his gear. While they rambled on, Orion awoke and escaped the room.
At this point the witch remembered she had a familiar with her the entire time and sent it to chase after the dragonborn with very little direction.
The dragonborn was a crafty sneak and hid in the shadows of the jail cells, easily losing his pursuer.

The rest of the party decided now would be a good time for an extended eight hour rest and planned to take shifts sleeping.
Of course they had neglected to thoroughly search the room and sleeping gas was pumped in and knocked everyone out, save the dragonborn who’d made his way back to the outskirts of Orlane and decided to rest in the old lizard house.

When they awoke, Jacques found himself covered in slime but otherwise no worse for wear. There was also a sealed letter on the nearby table in a language that no one could read.
Moving forward and downward the nearby stairs following the slime trail that had apparently covered Jacques the group entered a strange room filled with snake statues and a strange pedestal. After prying out the rubies and sapphires from the eyes of the snake statues, they party decided to jump onto the pedestal and were instantly teleported into the temple of Merica in Orlane and were reunited with the dragonborn who had also made his way to the suspicious temple.

Although the party had abandoned Orion’s gear back in the jail cell area, it was a somewhat friendly reunion and the group has rejoined to face the terrors of the temple!


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